Dry Eyes

Dry eye disease affects the surface of the eye. It can lead to symptoms such as grittiness, burning and stinging. As your natural tears are very important for the function of your eyes, a deficiency in the quality and quantity of tears can even cause a deterioration in your vision. 

The causes of this condition are complex and difficult to manage. Many patients are fed up of being seen by several different doctors and receiving little relief from their symptoms. 

Mr Yadav is an oculoplastic and lacrimal surgeon and receives hundreds of referrals for patients who have failed management of their dry eyes. He specialises in the the function of tear glands and the drainage of tears. He can offer both medical and surgical management for this important condition. 

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What is dry eye?


Dry Eye (also known as Dry Eye Disease or Dry Eye Syndrome) is a common condition affecting people of all ages. It occurs when there is an insufficient quantity or quality of tears to keep the surface of the eye sufficiently hydrated. This can result in symptoms such as burning, discomfort, grittiness, stinging and blurred vision. It can have a significant debilitating effect on the quality of your life and can affect activities such as driving and reading.

What causes dry eyes?

Dry eyes is usually the result of multiple factors and there is rarely a single simple fix. It can be caused by a deficiency in tear production, a reduced quality of tears, increased tear evaporation, inflammation, previous eye treatments, autoimmune conditions and eyelid abnormalities or a combination of several factors.

Will it get better by itself?


No. Dry Eye is chronic and progressive, meaning your symptoms will recur and worsen if not treated. For this reason, it is important for dry eye to be diagnosed and managed correctly by a specialist. 


How is dry eye treated?

Anyone that suffers from dry eyes will usually tell you that they have not yet found a simple solution for it. There are several medical, laser and surgical treatments on offer. Mr Yadav specialises in the production and drainage of tears. He can fully assess your condition and offer any medical and surgical treatments that you may require.