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General eye clinic

Mr Yadav specialises in all general eye conditions. In his role as a Consultant Ophthalmologist he runs several general ophthalmology clinics and eye casualty clinics every week. Most eye conditions can be diagnosed and managed without expensive tests and treatment. Book your consultation today to receive the best care possible.

Woman Having Eyes Examined

Can I be seen for any eye condition?

Yes. Mr Yadav is a leading consultant ophthalmologist. He specialises in general ophthalmology meaning he can diagnose and treat almost all eye conditions.


When will treatment be started for my eye condition?

Once Mr Yadav has thoroughly examined your eye and diagnosed your condition, treatment will usually be prescribed on the same day to ensure you start to recover as soon as possible. Some eye conditions require further investigations or treatment in hospital. Mr Yadav will make arrangements for this if it is needed.

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