Watery Eyes

Watery eyes (also known as epiphora) is a condition where the eyes tear persistently or excessively. This condition can sometimes by managed medically but usually requires a referral to a specialist. Mr Yadav is a lacrimal surgeon who specialises in the drainage of tears from the eye. He will be be able to accurately diagnose and offer the best treatment options for you.  

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Why do eyes water?


In order for the eye to remain healthy, it must remain well hydrated. The lacrimal gland located under the upper eyelid makes most of our tears but this is aided by smaller glands found on the eyelids and surface of the eyeball. Each time we blink, the eyelid spreads the tears
over the surface of the eye and pumps excess tears through a duct that drains into your nose. This is why your nose runs when you cry.

What causes watery eyes?

Excessive watering may occur due to excess tear production or more commonly due to inadequate natural drainage. Typically the symptom of watering tends to be worse outdoors and often gets aggravated by cold and windy weather. Occasionally, watering can actually be the result of dry eyes when tear quality is poor and fails to adequately moisturise the eye.  

Will it get better by itself?


In babies the condition can often improve by itself but in adults it usually requires treatment in the form of surgery.

How is watery eye treated?

Watery eyes are usually treated surgically by improving the drainage of the eye using various techniques. As an oculoplastic and lacrimal surgeon, Mr Yadav specialises in the function of the eyelids and the production and drainage of tears. He can fully assess your condition and offer any medical and surgical treatments that you may require.