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Emergency eye care

Emergency eye care deals with all acute problems associated with the eye. Most of these conditions can be diagnosed and treated immediately. Mr Yadav is director of urgent eye treatment for the whole of Shropshire and has extensive experience dealing with all types of eye conditions in all age groups from children to the elderly. 

Emergency eye treatment

Can I be seen for any emergency eye condition?

Yes. Mr Yadav is director of emergency eye care meaning he specialises in dealing with all types of urgent eye treatment. 


When will treatment be started for my emergency eye condition?

Once Mr Yadav has thoroughly examined your eye and diagnosed your condition, treatment will usually be prescribed on the day to ensure you start to recover as soon as possible. Some eye conditions require further investigations or treatment in hospital. Mr Yadav will make arrangements for this if it is needed.

How soon can I be seen for my emergency eye condition?

In all cases you should try to seek NHS help in the first instance. If you are not able to, Mr Yadav has private emergency appointments available on most evenings and weekends. Book using the contact details below. 

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