Benign eyelid tumours and lumps

Cysts and benign tumours of the eyelid are relatively common. Although they are not cancerous, they can cause significant symptoms including irritation and interference with vision. They can also appear unsightly causing damage to psychological well-being. Mr Yadav is an oculoplastic surgeon and specialises in conditions of the eyelids. He can diagnose and treat all eyelid lumps to achieve the best functional and cosmetic result for you.

Treatment depends on the type of lesion present. Below are some examples of typical benign lid lesions: 

chalazion benign eyelid lesion cyst_edited

Chalazion of the lower eyelid

xanthelesma eyelid benign eyelid lumpg

Xanthelesma of the eyelids

eyelid skin tags benign eyelid lump

Skin tags of the eyelids

Seborrhoeic keratosis wart eyelid lesion_edited

Seborrhoeic keratosis (wart) of the eyelid

cyst of moll benign eyelid lump

Cyst of Moll of the upper eyelid

cyst of zeiss benign lid lump

Cyst of Zeiss of the upper eyelid