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Mr Yadav Ophthalmologist UK Shrewsbury Chester Merseyside eye surgery cosmetic surgery

Expert eye care from one of the UK's leading surgeons

Mr Sohraab Yadav

Mr Sohraab Yadav is one of the UK's top eye surgeons. He specialises in oculoplastic, lacrimal and cataract surgery. He has completed thousands of successful surgical procedures for his patients. He currently practices in Shropshire, Cheshire and Merseyside offering clinic consultations and eye surgery.

Eye clinic Yadav shrewsbury
Professional care you can trust
Eye doctor clinic Ophthalmologist
Experienced Consultant Ophthalmologist 

Diagnosis and management of the full breadth of eye conditions

General ophthalmic complaints

Eyelid cosmetic complaints 


Emergency eye care 

Eye surgeon cosmetic surgeon eyelid surgeon
Customised surgery tailored to your specific needs

Oculoplastic and lacrimal surgery 

Cosmetic eyelid surgery

General ophthalmic surgery

Cataract surgery

Laser treatment

experienced surgeon proven track record
Proven track-record to achieve the best  results



Highly experienced in achieving the best cosmetic surgery outcome


Specialised approach to achieve the best functional result for patients

Thousands of successful eye operations performed 

What Patients Say

"Everyone in the office can't believe how much brighter and younger I look. The best thing is they can't tell I've had surgery as you've hidden scarring so well. I keep looking in the mirror and smiling!"
MW, after blepharoplasty
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